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Copy This Idea Book Review Part 4

A Few Pros of the Copy This Idea Book

  • A. Andrew Reynold's life changing story is inspirational and interesting to read

B.  For a change of lifestyle this gives some good home business ideas

C. Copy this idea is from someone who has been there and done it

D. Written by a top home business and award winning business mentor

E. If you have the desire to give up the rat race this will help you

F. Outlines a home business model with practical suggestions that you can copy

G. Andrew Reynold's is responsive to his customer's requests in my experience!

A Few Cons of The Copy This Idea

A. Not for you if you are looking for a get rich quick scheme

B. You won't be a millionaire overnight - Andrew Reynold's wasn't until 45!

C. Not for you if you are not prepared to put in the time on a consistent basis

D. Requires a commitment of time, money and education

E. No one can guarantee your results, it takes 'action', time and effort 

Conclusion and Final Words - Copy This Idea Book

I have attended Andrew Reynolds Entrepreneurs Bootcamp back in 2008 in Brighton, UK, purchased a number of his information products including Cash On Demand, his monthly newsletters and many of his home study DVD packages.

Along with my other home business Six Figure Mentors, shown at this link, I could not have experienced the success I have had without the help of Andrew Reynolds and his products. Examples of my home business success can be viewed at the following links...

I have read the Copy This Idea Andrew Reynolds book from cover to cover, all 187 pages of it, and I have no hesitation in recommending it to you as a very inspiring and educational read about how you can escape the rat race, like I did back in 2006, and start your own business from home copying the ideas that Andrew Reynolds sets out in the book.

It is important to say that just because Andrew Reynolds, Mark Ford, or anyone else publish information products offline or online doesn't mean any of us will succeed.

Just buying these products won't do it for us because it will come down to the action we take or don't take over time.

Home Business Start Up Tips

To succeed with an internet business from home there are a number of factors that must be present. These are as follows;

  1. You have to find a market of hungry buyers
  2. Give an information product to that market giving it what it wants
  3. Create your sales pages and compelling marketing messages
  4. Set up your websites
  5. Learn how to drive traffic to your websites > this is the key
  6. Use email as a follow up system > See here
  7. Bring a sales force on board such as a team of affiliates

My success and your success is down to how we use the information that is provided in the Copy This Idea book and how we commit to the education curve for the long term. No one can guarantee our success because it is down to us. The best anyone can do is share how they have been able to make their money working from home. Andrew Reynolds does this admirably providing us with an opportunity to copy his ideas and his money making system that has allowed him to bank £50,000,000.

If you are serious about building a business from home for the long term, as a solution to build a new lifestyle and solve your current challenges, then getting a copy of this book will help you with some home business ideas and give you a great start.

Watch The Copy This Idea Book Review Video & Get Your Copy Here!

I wish you every success

Mark Ford SignatureMark Ford

Mark Ford – Home Business Coach, Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer

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